Social Hour Games is not a one man show, I couldn't do it without help from quality people and businesses.


Nathan Mirizio - Nathan Mirizio is a filmmaker, writer, director, and jack of all trades who is currently navigating the creative film space in Pittsburgh.  He has provided invaluable help with a kickstarter video for Railroads.

Kevin Lyter - My new manufacturing teammate, a recent Pitt graduate

Eric Cheek - My new software teammate, a recent CMU graduate

Florian Baron - Florian is a Berlin-based filmmaker who is a regular in the Pittsburgh scene.  He has helped greatly by creating a rules video for Railroads.  He also won the People's Choice Award at the Three Rivers Arts Festival for his exhibit "Kaleidoclock".

SNaC - My beloved Pittsburgh board game group hosted weekly by the legendary A.J. and Mike.

TechShop Pittsburgh - Without TechShop Pittsburgh, none of this would be possible.  TechShop is a blueprint for my production.  Although I hope to purchase my own machines, or find another maker to share space and machines with, I can only get started knowing that I have TechShop.

Paul's Lumber - I love this wood shop.  They mostly work with furniture makers, but they take really good care of me even though I am a high maintenance customer who buys small quantities.  They are currently sourcing me 5mm Columbia Forest Products FSC certified no-formaldehyde added soy-based resin birch veneer plywood at a reasonable price, and they keep it from warping despite its thin profile.  Did I mention they deliver to TechShop for free!?  Call Paul, That's All!

Durham, North Carolina

Dmitri Medvedev - Located in Raleigh rather than Durham, Dmitri is a talented video and graphic designer who has been part of the creative process since the early days of Social Hour.  You can check out some of his work here.

Justin Barnett - A Durham screen printer, he showed me how screen printing could be incorporated into my process to make the production more feasible from a time/copy perspective.

Caroline Monday - Caroline is a copy writer at Ignite Social Media, she is like a real life Peggy Olsen.  She has helped me with effective writing for the website, rules, and kickstarter script, as well as participated in multiple brainstorming sessions.  Her hilarious portfolio can be found here.

Ashley Troth and Friends -  The first 20 playtests were by my wonderful Durham family of friends.  Did I mention that Ashley taught me how to paint the boards correctly?  Although I'm now working on doing blind playtests, it was only with their love and support that my first game ever had a chance of getting wings.

Mark Laabs - Mark has served as a business advisor and mentor, having played a significant role in multiple start-ups.  He now resides in the Bay Area of California.

TechShop Raleigh-Durham - Rest in Peace TechShop RD.  Without you I would have never learned the power of next generation manufacturing.  Even though your sudden closing conveniently coincided with my leaving my job to start Social Hour (!!!) I still appreciate the opportunity to see and experience the equipment while you were there.  There would be no Social Hour if you hadn't shown me the potential.